Classics I Want To Read This Year

This past Christmas I was fortunate enough to get a clothbound Jane Austin box set. It is the one that was very cheap on a online bookstore! I can’t remember which bookstore though, sorry!

I have never read a classic of any type. So my goal is to read at least one or more this year as I really want to get into reading classic literature. I would just like to add in here that the closest thing to a classic I have read/watched is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies……..

There are only four out of the seven Jane Austin classics in my TBR and I did not read the blurb’s as I want to go into reading them knowing nothing about the plot. Basically, my choosing process was just of the size and a little bit of the cover but all of the novels in this clothbound edition have gorgeous covers so it was hard to choose!!


Untitled copy 2

The first book on my classics TBR is Persuasion! Persuasion has a gorgeous cover in a really pretty mossy green and with the picture below I’m sure you can see why I chose it!  I really look forward to when I can get around to reading it!


 Second on my list is Northanger Abbey! Also by Jane Austin, the title makes me think that it will be a really cool book to read! It makes me think the book is set in a classic manor perhaps??


Third on my TBR is Mansfield Park. The only reason I can give you for why I chose this novel to put on my TBR is because the cover just called to me! I looove the blue and the chains on the cover so I just had to pick Mansfield Park! ( the picture below was the best representation of the colour on the cover so please excuse the blurriness)


Last but certainly not least is Emma by Jane Austin! I think I chose this one because of the title! Unlike the others in my boxset, it has an actual person’s name and that also just drew me to it!


Thank you so much for reading my post on my classic’s TBR! Let me know In the comments what your favourite classic is and if you enjoyed reading any in my TBR!

Laura xx


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